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Welcome to Genius Research & Consultancy, Inc - experts in research, business, and leadership. We help social profit organizations raise funds through grant applications. We also help them conduct community needs assessments and other types of research; design and manage projects, including advertising events and writing project reports. Tied to this is our workshop facilitation service  - available for clients keen to run successful workshops that deliver value to participants and save time. Visit the Services page to learn more. 


Our research portfolio offers advice to college and university students on conducting top-quality research, analysis, writing assignments, editing and proof-reading. Our main subject areas include History, Economic History, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, Geography, Journalism, English Language, Literature, Law, and all MBA courses. We help college students identify suitable scholarships from various funding agencies and apply for them. We also conduct research for individuals, entrepreneurs, political parties, and governments. Learn more about academic mentoring, scholarships, and general research.


At GRC Inc, we also provide business coaching - equipping entrepreneurs of all levels with critical knowledge and skills to succeed in business. We have expertise in business and financial planning, including insurance coverage, investments, and retirement planning. Other services through us include immigration advice. We answer clients' FAQs, helping them to read and understanding application guidelines and to fill out and submit application forms. Learn more.


Our leadership portfolio provides personal development coaching. We assess each person's unique needs and develop a program to develop success attributes. Our personal growth coaching draws most of its principles from the Law of Attraction. Our strategies include mindset reorientation to build positive thinking. This boosts self-esteem and confidence. We teach basic action steps like goal-setting and goal realization. Our coaching helps people overcome enemies of success such as foggy thinking, distractions from digital technology, and procrastination. Visit the Services page to learn more.


Genius Research & Consultancy 

Company Background

Genius Research & Consultancy was formed to help individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations. Its areas  of focus include fundraising through grant applications, project design, management and evaluation. The company also helps people achieve success in their academic pursuits and it carries out research for a wide variety of clients. Other areas of focus are business planning, goal-oriented leadership coaching, and workshop facilitation. The company utilizes its founder's vast interest and expertise in these areas. It relies on capacity from more than 20 dedicated associates. It boasts of expertise in diverse fields like information communications technology (ICT), customer care, moving and delivery, insurance products, and marketing. Having been started in Alberta, Canada, Genius Research & Consultancy now carries out business in Africa, Europe, the USA, and Asia. For more than 20 years, it has helped individuals, companies, social profit organizations, political parties, and governments. Some specific examples of services include helping students get admitted into study programs at academic institutions and mentoring them towards the successful completion of their programs, raising funds through grant applications, designing projects and managing them, lobbying, and giving financial advice. Dr. Maxwell Zhira started the company in Alberta, Canada.