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Genius Research & Consultancy Inc is a team of raw genius. We came together to solve each client’s issues by providing a comprehensive approach. Our minds are sharp - armed with PhDs, MAs, and Bachelors' degrees. We are backed by real-life professional experience. Our process fosters collaboration and innovation to ensure we understand your core needs and help you develop successfully. The team at Genius Research and Consultancy, which is called "The GRC Team", is all polymaths. Our expertise spans a significant number of subject areas. We tap from complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems. Meet your experts - a pool of genius. 

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Founder & President - Genius Research & Consultancy, Inc

Dual PhD, History, Political Science.

University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

MA History, University of Alberta

BA. Hons Economic History, University of Zimbabwe, Harare, 

Dr. Maxwell Zhira

Dr. Maxwell Zhira is passionate about raising money through grants. This passion arose from his experiences as a grant writer and winner in graduate school, where he won some of the most prestigious and valuable grants at the University. Having noticed that his abilities with grants was high, he decided to help community organizations get them. Being a community builder himself, his first grant application was in 2004, to the City of Edmonton. It was successful. As demand for his services rose over the years, Dr. Zhira saw an opportunity to help more organizations raise money through grants. The list below shows some of the scholarships and grants Dr. Zhira won. However, due to client confidentiality, the names of the organizations he works with will not be revealed. here.   

Select Academic Grants

Frank W. Peers Scholarship, University of Alberta (U of A), Sep-04,  $2,000.00

F.S. Chia PhD Scholarship, U of A, Sep-05,  $20,000.00

F.S. Chia PhD Scholarship (Renewal), UofA, Sep-06, $20,000.0

Izaak Walton Killam Scholarship, UofA, Sep-06, $7,500.00

Izaak Walton Killam Scholarship (Renewal), UofA, Sep 07, $ 27,000.00

Graduate Student Research Travel Award, UofA, Sep-08, $800.00

Leilani Muir Graduate Research Scholarship, Field Law, Sep-09, $ 4,500.00

IDRC Doctoral Research Award, International Development Research Council (IDRC), Sep-09, $20,000.00

Select Professional Grants


Canada Summer Jobs 2020, Government of Canada, $10,800. Awarded to GRC Inc


Participant Funding Program, Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, Gvt of Canada, June 2020, $20,240.00


Social Services Support for Covid-19, Government of Alberta, 2020, $19,000


Indigenous Habitat Participation Program (IHPP), Contribution Funding, Fisheries & Oceans, Gov. of Canada, $75, 493.00


New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP), Government of Canada, 2019/20 (Won by Genius Research & Consultancy)


New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP), Government of Canada, 2019/20 (Client 1)


New Horizons for Seniors (NHSP), Government of Canada, 2018/19, $ 25,000.00

Canada Summer Jobs, Client 1, Government of Canada, 2019, $ 35,490.00

Canada Summer Jobs, Client 2, Government of Canada, 2019, $ 8,100.00

Community-Based Environmental Monitoring Program, ECCC, Gov. of Canada, 2018/19, $150,000.00

Community-Based Environmental Monitoring Program, ECCC, Gov. of Canada, 2019/20, $145,000.00

Community-Based Environmental Monitoring Program, Oil sands Monitoring Program, Gov. of Alberta, 2019, $ 27,500.00.

Alberta Culture Days Grant, Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Government of Alberta, 2018, $5,000.

Joint Initiatives Grant, Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB), 2017/18, $20,000.00.

Crime Prevention & Community Safety Grant, RMWB), $ 4,500.00

Joint Initiatives Grant, RMWB, 2018/19, $  20,000.00


Senior Associate - GRC Inc

PhD - History 

University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.

MA - History, Harvard University

Dr. Brian R. Gold 

Dr. Brian R. Gold has over two decades experience helping numerous non-profits and public sector organizations enact strategic goals and obtain the funding needed to achieve them, both locally and globally. Project work for a national government won plaudits from the World Bank. Dr. Gold teaches in the strategy and marketing department of the MacEwan School of Business.

His public service includes board membership in both the Edmonton Korean-Canadian Association and the Pearson Centre for Progressive Policy, and facilitating ‘blanket exercises’ for Reconciliation in Solidarity Edmonton, an non-profit devoted to reconciliation between indigenous people and settler Canadians. His graduate degrees are from Harvard University and the University of Alberta.




Ushehwedu Kufakurinani is a senior lecturer in, and current chairperson of the Department of Economic History at the University of Zimbabwe. He did his DPhil in African Economic History at the same institution. He has published and presented papers on various themes and research areas which include gender, migration, musical arts, political economy of development, resource management, and governance. Kufakurinani has co-edited a book on women and Zimbabwean music and another forthcoming on how institutions and individuals have negotiated and survived the Zimbabwean economic crisis. He has also published a monograph titled, “Elasticity in Domesticity: White Women in Rhodesian Zimbabwe 1890 to 1979”.


Ushehwedu Kufakurinani is also a language nationalist who chaired the Indigenous African Languages from 2015 to 2017. He has published poetry in the indigenous Shona language some of which have been studies in Schools. He was also country coordinator (Zimbabwe) of the Rethinking Economics, an international organisation that advocates continuous reflections on economic studies. Kufakurinani is also Board member of the African Economic History Network (AEHN) and an organiser in the Young Scholars Initiative Africa Working Group. Kufakurinani is a founder and Co-director of Sustainable Africa Network (SAN) based in Zimbabwe. The organisation is into consultancy, research and training on sustainable alternatives for African development. He is proud to be an Associate at GRC Inc.


Emma Gold is a current Bachelor of Science student at the University of Alberta. She is studying Atmospheric Sciences and Physics. As a post-secondary student, she found success through applying for various grants and scholarships. She got a chance to work as an intern at Genius Research & Consultancy, where she passionately connected with the Corporation's growing list of accomplishments. Especially during the current global crisis, more businesses and organizations find themselves needing help. Emma truly believes it’s important to help others in these times more than ever. She is incredibly happy to have been chosen to work with the team at GRC, where the President's flexible and hands-on approach has thrown her into an exciting zone of meeting new people, thus growing her own networks, encountering challenging tasks, and learning from doing them. When not assisting in researching grants and filling out applications, Emma enjoys running, playing various video games, and attempting to bake new desserts.

Tariro Jaricha (aka Tari) is an Engineering student at the University of Alberta. She has done charity work in Edmonton with Hope Mission, Full Day Kindergarten, and is an avid volunteer. Tari enjoys exercises, baking, and reading. She has worked as a Personal Assistant at GRC Inc for 2 years. Her roles involve customer service and grant applications. She is a volunteer in the New Horizons for Seniors Program. She has a passion for charity work and giving back to the community. 


Tawonga is a student at Harry Ainlay High School, Edmonton, Alberta. He completed grade 10 and moving onto grade 11 in the Fall term of 2021. He has taken interest in Computer Science and plans on taking programs that circulate around that topic. He feels grateful for the opportunity to work with GRC Inc. Tawonga has helped Dr. Zhira with numerous events and activities for the New Horizons for Seniors Program. He believes that marketing and communications are great ways to support small businesses and organizations that have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. He enjoys video editing, basketball, and video games.


Ushehwedu Kufakurinane, Associate - GRC Inc

DPhil - Economic History 

University of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe 

BA Honors, Economic History

University of Zimbabwe 


Emma Gold - Loans & grants admin assistant 

Tariro Jaricha - Personal Assistant  

Tawonga Maenzanise - Marketing Assistant