Service Pathway

Steps to Your Service

The sequence below illustrates the 8 easy steps to enjoy our services. They are easy to follow and show you what's next. 


You decide to enjoy our cool services. We do grant applications, academic mentoring, leadership coaching, business coaching, and other...


You contact Genius Research & Consultancy (GRC) for a Quote. Contact us via email, phone, or by using the "Let's Chat" feature at the bottom right corner of the website. 


GRC staff will prepare and send you a quote for the service(s) you wish to enjoy. This takes under 12 hours. 


You notify GRC of your intention to proceed. You furnish us with any important information, due dates, online accounts that may need to be created, etc.


GRC sends you a Consulting Agreement. The Agreement shows the services and the nature of delivery.


You read, sign, and return the Consulting Agreement to GRC. You also send the down payment indicated on your quote. Payment is via Interac Email transfer, Paypal, cash, or wire transfer.


GRC provides the service according to the Consulting Agreement. This stage needs ongoing communication.  We communicate via email, scheduled phone calls, and on Skype. The Skype ID is shown in the Agreement. 


You are satisfied. You pay the balance on your payment. You refer friends and relatives to us to help them.