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Grant Proposal Writing

Grant-Winning Proposals

We have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience. Our staff and associates have the skills and know-how to help your organization raise tons of money for projects and services from the government and donors. At Genius Research & Consultancy, we use our excellent reading, writing, listening, and analytical skills to transform your needs, processes, and strategies into tangible monetary success. We understand the language of grants and how they are won. We bring our passion and knowledge to raise money for your organization and business. You will sign more contracts and receive money for your projects. Click the button below to tell us the grants you want to apply for, and we'll help you apply for them. If you do not have any grants in mind, don't worry. We have a long list of potential grants for you. Click here to see them.

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Leadership Coaching

Sharpen Your Leadership Skills

John C. Maxwell, a top leadership coach, said, "Everything rises and falls on leadership." He is absolutely correct. The ability to lead is a prerequisite for success, whether you are leading yourself, co-workers, a company, organization, party or nation. Even natural born leaders are always doing something to improve their leadership skills. Our personal development and leadership coaching improves confidence, time management, competence, planning, focusing, communication, commitment, problem solving, and many more skills. We will walk with you to make small but incremental changes to personal habits, transforming what you already know into powerful action steps to build a confident and effective leader in you. 


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Workshop Facilitation 

Run Efficient Workshops   

Bring people for a workshop and run it efficiently. We have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in managing workshop time, summarizing the discussion, asking probing questions, and ensuring every participant contributes. Our staff and associates have the capabilities and expertise to facilitate a great workshop. Whether it is a simple workshop or one which brings together multiple stakeholders, we have the knowledge and expertise to move things forward to the sweet spot. 


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Academic Mentoring 

Perfect Grades in Courses

Are you in school and stressing over an assignment? Is it a simple assignment or a more detailed research paper? We want to help you do it right. We will help you do library and online research, take good notes from many sources, analyze them, and write your essay or research paper. Beat the due date! You will get good grades in all your courses - minus the stress. Besides, we assist college and university students find suitable scholarships and apply for them. This is a major area of expertise for us. Mentoring and scholarship applications are by phone calls, texts, emails, and on Skype. Apart from students, do you work for an organization or company reliant on good information to make decisions. Do you need to conduct a community needs assessment or grasp market trends and consumer habits. We will get you there through our smart tools and global resources. 

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Business Success Coaching

Be Your Own Boss 

Have you conceived a business-like idea in your mind but did not do anything about it. Have you an opportunity right now that is transformable into a money-making venture? Are you tired of your 9-5 job? The job stopping you from getting financial independence? If you answered "yes" to these questions, you are ready for our business training. We transform business ideas into reality. We will assist you surmount obstacles and walk with you on the path to a successful career as an entrepreneur. We help you identify promising opportunities - and there are many. We clarify your thinking processes, plan, launch, secure funding, and manage growth. We take small steps until you are strong to run on your own.


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Invest Oppo in Zim Cover Pic.jpg

Investment Promotions

Invest in Zimbabwe's Economy

Dr. Mawell Zhira, the Founder and President of Genius Research and Consultancy, is the CEO of Secure Investments Worldwide Inc, a Canadian company. He is also the CEO of the Zimbabwe Diaspora Investment Council (ZDIC), registered in Canada and in Zimbabwe. These two entities exist to promote global investments into the economy of Zimbabwe. The ZDIC has a MOU with the Government of Zimbabwe to engage global investors, equip them with country knowledge, and facilitate their efforts develop the abundant economic opportunities in Zimbabwe. Through these companies, Dr. Zhira is actively engaging Zimbabwean citizens who live out of the country to build capacity and develop strategies to invest in Zimbabwe and participate in rebuilding the economy. If you need more information about our programs and how you can participate, hit the button below.


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